People totally drive me bonkers

I was working hard last Sunday night and having the late shift in our restaurant.

  • I prefer being a server and I have worked the job since the two of us moved to the Denver site.

The two of us hoped to find work inside of a legal cannabis shop, but the two of us have been unable to catch a break or an interview. The two of us had to find a Denver job very quickly if we were going to stay anywhere in the area. The restaurant with great food down the street wanted help from a service industry person and I decided to apply. The manager in addition to restaurant owner tried me out for a couple of days. I was glad when the manager decided to keep me at a full-time position. Since then I have actually worked at the restaurant full-time. The two of us make all of our patients glad. Glad clients will usually leave a much larger tip. Clients that are awful make me feel entirely crazy. One person was on trip in Denver in addition to came to this particular restaurant one night for dinner. He was easily a tourist and made sure to tell me numerous or several different times. She wanted a free appetizer and proceeded to complain about everything in the restaurant. I know the lady was trying to get some free food, but I wasn’t ready to give up numerous different items. The lady left the table at the end of the night and only gave me two bucks as a tip. Of course the two of us were infuriated in addition to Furious plus wanted to supply the lady with a large piece of our mind.

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