The cost of weed of Albuquerque

Albuquerque is a big city, of well over half a million people, that still has that cozy small town feel to it.

I drive an ice cream truck, so I know the quiet neighborhoods, urban hot spots, and suburban housing tracts, as well as anyone. I have to say, I love it here. Sure it can get hot, we are near a lot of desert, but it isn’t nearly as warm and humid as you might think. I get to go to work in short sleeves most of the time, and sometimes it’s just too chilly to sell any ice cream! I work for an ice cream shop in downtown Albuquerque, and we do the truck basically as a promotional tool. The store doesn’t turn a profit from the ice cream truck at all, but the owner is a lifelong ABQ resident, and this is her way of giving back to the community. You see what I mean about Albuquerque having a sense of community to it? We sell this ice cream for next to nothing to the kids of Albuquerque, just because the owner thinks kids should have the option to get an ice cream! I am hoping that one day the owner of my local cannabis dispensary has a similar revelation and wants to start blessing the working people of ABQ with some low cost weed! I am joking, although it would be nice I think the prices of weed here in Albuquerque are pretty reasonable, at least compared to the prices I see in online cannabis dispensaries.

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