The Nuggets game was so delayed

The neighborhood of Denver has various professional sporting teams, however since 1967, Denver has had a great basketball team; From 1967 until 1974, the Denver basketball team was known as theDenver Rockets! After 1974, the Denver team was known as the Denver Nuggets. This is still the name of the team in 2021 now. The Denver Nuggets play in an arena.. This location was previously known as the Dunkin Doughnuts Latte Center. It is actually an enormous arena located in downtown Denver, Colorado. The location can hold up to 18,000 people at full capacity. My neighbor scored tickets to see a Denver Nuggets game as well as he had extra passes for all of us. The more than three of us went to a recreational cannabis dispensary before the game. Both of us smoked a pre-rolled and infused marijuana joint before going to the arena. Both of us waited outside the arena for 15 minutes as well as the people I was with and I found out that the game was significantly delayed. There was a complication with the HVAC system inside of the areena as well as the game was delayed until they could address the problem. My friends as well as I decided to go back to our cars. Both of us had a few more marijuana joints from the dispensary… None of the marijuana joints were really sativa strains, as our eyes were heavy as well as very read by the time the game started. Thank goodness there was plenty of nail biting action to keep me awake. The game was delayed, however it was still intense. It came down to the final play of the game. The Denver Nuggets were successful in defeating their rival as well as the score ended with our team winning 102-99.

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