Denver is my kind of town

Struggling with sinus & respiratory dust irritations is awful enough regardless of what kind of region in which you reside.

But when your dust irritations are typically infuriated by environmental triggers that are particularally awful in your area, it can be extremely aggravating coping with the yearly symptoms.

For myself and others it was the horrors of mold spores growing up near the humid swamplands. They would get into my lake house & wreak havoc if I didn’t keep the humidity level super low whenever I possibly could. It’s a lot harder to safely grow cannabis in this kind of environment as well. Dehumidifiers have to be used in both the grow rooms & the curing rooms to prevent mold spores from propagating & spreading throughout a crop. Large amounts of cannabis plants can be lost from mold, or “bud rot” as it is often called. I struggled to find great cannabis at dispensaries in my lake house state without occasionally getting batches that had a “musty” odor upon opening & would provide myself and others headaches & a runny nose whenever I’d smoke them. Now that I’m buying all of my cannabis in an extremely dry & arid town love Denver, Colorado, I never get moldy batches of weed. All of the cannabis that I have purchased from the more than 2 dozen odd dispensaries that I’ve personally visited here has been scrub & mold-free. People claim that the weed in CA is better than the weed in Colorado, even though I suppose those people have yet to visit Denver & Boulder. The rocky mountains are a perfect weather conditions for cannabis cultivation.
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