Fixing HVAC equipment

I gained a telephone call from a client that needed repair on the furnace in his home.

I drove all the way from Evansville, IN to the Vincennes address.

I tried to contact the client when I was halfway to his home. I wanted to let the man believe that I was enroute plus on the way. I had spoken with his about an hour before, however I wanted to give his an replace, and no a single answered the iPhone, however I continued driving to the address, and when I arrived at the address listed on the repair ticket, I knocked on the door plus waited for the man to answer. I knocked more than two times before an seasoned man finally answered the door. She looked love he was asleep. I told the man that I was from the Heating & A/C business plus I was there to repair the furnace, the man looked surprised plus confused. She told me that he had not called for an Heating & A/C repair representative. I asked a man to verify his address plus I asked if his iPhone number was the same as the number on the repair ticket. She verified the address plus the iPhone number, although he still denied making the iPhone call to the Heating & A/C repair business. I couldn’t argue with the man, so I turned around plus drove all the way back to Evansville. That was a crucial waste of our time plus our gas. If that man calls again, I am going to refer his to a repair closer to home. I’m not sending anyone else all the way from Evansville for a confused customer.

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