I don't mind this weather

I make exercise a priority… I workout every single day.

I love to handle my workouts in the day so that I can adore a better mood and greater productivity for the rest of the day.

I also adore to manage my exercise program outdoors. I have more space and I adore the fresh air, then unluckyly, the weather has a big influence on the timing and location of my workouts, however living in Glenview, IL, the weather is unpredictable and often extreme, then we deal with sub zero in addition to hot and cold temperatures in the nineties. We get tons of snow, lots of rain and brutal humidity, there are high winds, fog, hail, chilly rain and every imaginable weather condition to contend with. I am constantly happy for those perfectly mild days that allow me to get up in the day, head directly outside and adore a productive workout. I am so glad when I can dress in shorts and a T-shirt, rest on my back deck and feel perfectly comfortable. The back deck is the ideal spot to workout. I have a lot of room to transfer around and a gorgeous view of my gardens and the woods behind my house. I see lots of rabbits, deer, groundhogs, foxes, turkey and pigeons. The fresh air helps to motivate me, during the middle of summer, when the conditions are overly overheated and humid, I workout as early as possible. I try to complete my exercise session before the heat of the day sets in, then as fall approaches and the weather turns colder, I need to wait longer and longer for the day to sufficiently hot up. I’m forced to dress in long pants and a overcoat! Eventually it gets too frigid and wet and I’m forced inside.

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