There were so many different jobs available

There are a lot of jobs available in the Tampa Bay area, although I decided to pursue a career in heating plus A/C services… My dad plus our uncle are both in repair careers.

  • My uncle works as a heating plus A/C repair specialist plus our dad is a plumber in Tampa! I grew up working with our hands as well.

I decided to enter the heating plus A/C repair career, after going to an informative seminar at school, but the average salary for an HVAC repair specialist is well over $50,000 in the Tampa Bay area. That’s all I needed to hear to sign up for the technical school program, then during our first year of school, I had an teacher that was a real jerk. The guy did not answer a lot of questions plus he wasn’t a unquestionably wonderful teacher… One time I was 15 fourths late for class plus the guy locked the door plus would not let myself and others inside. I tried to explain that our reason for being tardy was due to excessive traffic outside of the city, but our teacher did not want to hear the excuse; He made myself and others lay outside the door plus would not open it. I missed an entire class plus I had to get notes from a bizarre student, then when I took the exam later that week, I realized that I had missed a wonderful deal of important information while I was resting outside of the classroom trying to listen to the lecture. I was ecstatic when that class was finally over.



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