The dorms in Whitworth University used to have the worst HVAC systems

I struggled to decide on a final school after I was accepted to 10 of the 12 schools to which I applied.

There were school options in every region and climate in this vast country.

Originally I was going to stay close to home. All of that changed after our parents announced that they would be selling their beach house and moving to a condominium in FL. I did not apply to any schools in FL, so that meant I no longer had to consider our family’s proximity when choosing our final school. On 1 hand, this was a freeing feeling because I could focus solely on which location was best for me and our future. On the other hand, I was scared to pave our own path forward alone without any help or assistance from our family. Although they were surprised by our final option of schools, I was gleeful moving to Spokane, Washington to attend undergraduate school at Whitworth University. I decided to attend company school at Whitworth and had some of the best lecturers that I could ask for. However, there was 1 thing that I hated about Whitworth despite romantic the city of Spokane so much. The dormitories at Whitworth had some of the worst heating and cooling systems while in our time as a student there around 15 years ago. I l earned that the two of us were all hooked up to steam boilers that were in the basement, but they were much older than what’s requested for long term use. Of course the two of us could not control the temperature in our rooms so it was consistently uncomfortable, no matter what season the two of us were in at any given moment. I appreciated our time at Whitworth, although I wish the Heating and A/C systems in the dormitories had been better while I was a student at that school.


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