Fishing and weed

If I want to see the neighborhood from thousands of feet up, I can visit the CN Tower as well

My dad and I love to go camping and fishing. Since my sister never liked outside recreation, I would accompany my dad whenever he went on hikes into the woods adjacent to our house. We formed a special relationship whenever we were sitting together in nature, listening to the majestic sounds of the forest. He taught me how to watch for animals and what to do if I ever encountered a bear while alone or with others in the wilderness. Because of the skills my father taught me, I feel so much more confident that I could survive indefinitely outside of society if I ever needed to get away from the insanity. However, the cold in Manitoba is downright brutal, so I eventually moved to Toronto to get close to the banks of Lake Ontario. Despite the lake-effect snow, the Toronto area is much warmer than my family’s old apartment in Winnipeg. Despite residing in Toronto, I love driving north to sites like Lake Simcoe to go camping and fishing. This past weekend I stopped at a certainly enjoyable weed dispensary in Newtonbrook on Drewry Ave. I decided to purchase a package of pre-rolled joints so I could smoke them along the banks of Lake Simcoe. I love being in Toronto and being around the people, however occasionally I need to get out to the countryside to feel again like what I did when I was still young in Manitoba. Periodically I will take my cannabis vaporizer pen with me out to Lake Ontario and take a ferry out to the Toronto Islands. If I want to see the neighborhood from thousands of feet up, I can visit the CN Tower as well. Living in Toronto is definitely more exciting than my former life in Winnipeg.

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