I was only fifteen minutes later for class

There are a lot of jobs available in the Tampa Bay area, but I decided to pursue a career in heating and air conditioning services.

My dad and my uncle are both in service careers.

My uncle works as a heating and air conditioning repair technician and my dad is a plumber in Tampa. I grew up working with my hands as well. I decided to enter the heating and air conditioning service career, after going to an informative seminar at school. The average salary for an HVAC service technician is well over $50,000 in the Tampa Bay area. That’s all I needed to hear to sign up for the technical school program. During my first semester of school, I had an instructor that was a real jerk. The guy didn’t answer a lot of questions and he wasn’t a very good teacher. One time I was 15 minutes late for class and the guy locked the door and would not let me inside. I tried to explain that my reason for being tardy was due to excessive traffic outside of the city, but my instructor didn’t want to hear the excuse. He made me sit outside the door and would not open it. I missed an entire class and I had to get notes from a different student. When I took the exam later that week, I realized that I had missed a great deal of important information while I was sitting outside of the classroom trying to listen to the lecture. I was happy when that class was finally over.



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