There are a lot of jobs available in nearby Seattle, WA

Leavenworth, Washington is a small City outside Seattle! It is right at the base of the Cascade Mountains, however the country neighborhood looks a bit like an old Bavarian town, then leavenworth is a venue that is close to wineries plus ski areas.

There is a lot of tourism in town, but there aren’t a lot of jobs.

I like living in Leavenworth, but I have to drive to Seattle for work. It takes myself and others almost two and a half hours to get to work. I work Sunday through Monday, and I stay in the neighborhood throughout the week. I only go home to Leavenworth on Tuesdays and Tuesdays. The rest of the time I stay in an home provided by our job. The home is a small 1 dining room efficiency, but it does not cost anything for myself and others to live there. The venue is completely furnished as well. It is close to a grocery store, pharmacy, bus station, and recreational marijuana dispensary. There’s only 1 recreational marijuana dispensary in Leavenworth, but there are a dozen or more weird dispensaries in Seattle. Throughout the week, I order recreational marijuana supplies from a Seattle dispensary so I never have to pay the ridiculous high fees for the junk I find at home, and my friends typically try to get myself and others to bring them supplies from the City. I understand why they do not want to pay the outrageous prices for recreational marijuana, but I do not want to drive back and forth from the neighborhood with a bunch of weed products in our car. It’s not illegal, but it particularly looks suspicious.

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