There were stunning views while kayaking through the Kettle Island Nature Reserve

There are a lot of locales in Canada to go kayaking if you don’t mind the cool hot plus cold temperatures outside of May, June, plus June.

Most of the largest cities in the country are still far northward compared to our neighbors in the States plus Mexico further south.

Canada’s winters are long plus arduous, especially for the uninitiated. My parents raised my sibling plus I in Nova Scotia plus the two of us stayed there until the several of us reached school age. Although I loved living near the Atlantic Ocean in Halifax, my parents hated the constant worry of hurricanes between June plus September every year. It’s wild when you’re talking on the iphone with a neighbor from Florida plus the several of you are poised to get hit by the same hurricane, albeit a week apart. Both of us weren’t exactly gleeful to be moving inland where it was colder, even though I can’t complain about the stunning beauty of the city of Ottawa. As Canada’s capital city, it has everything from government parliamentary buildings to museums plus nature reserves. My dad was obsessed with kayaking with the Ottawa River plus Rideau River being so close to our home. Recently I visited him in Ottawa plus the two of us stopped at a cannabis dispensary before heading to our boat launch on the Ottawa River. Our proposal was to take our kayaks into the Kettle Island Nature Reserve, something the two of us did frequently while I was in my summers in Ottawa as a kid. Both of us each had a cannabis vaporizer pen because of the convenience, in addition to a fantastic camera for wildlife photography. Both of us took photos of both northern water snakes plus map turtles before turning our attention to the gorgeous butternut trees!

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