Portland is a fun town

Portland is house to the professional basketball team called the Portland Trail Blazers… The Portland Trail Blazers have been around since 1981, i was just a small boy when the team was formed, but my Mom was a big basketball fan, however he was certainly enthusiastic when the city of Portland got a professional basketball team of their own; My Mom was right away the greatest Trailblazers fan in the world. He had a Portland hat in every picture from my childhood. I had a Trailblazer sweatshirt, t-shirt, and a couple of jerseys, however one was an autographed jersey from a playoffs game between the Trail Blazers and the Lakers. I grew up watching basketball and I became a big fan of the athletic activity 2. I have season tickets to see the Trail Blazers play, but each week I get to take a guy with me to see the games, however last week I wanted to take my husbandy, although he had a dance class… We were supposed to go together for the first time. I almost believe the dance class was an excuse to get out of going to the athletic activitying event with me. I took a friend of mine from work instead; John has worked at the marijuana dispensary for a couple of months. We talked about basketball a couple of times in the break room at the marijuana dispensary. The guy mentioned being a fan of Portland, so I thought he might love going to a game. WhenI asked John to join me, he accepted and provided to buy me breakfast in return for the ticket.

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