A fan of nature in Orland Park

I am a giant nature person, but i particularly appreciate to go on hikes, take my camera & photograph critters & vegetation… When my partner moved us to Orland Park I was concerned I would lose my hobby, the Orland Grasslands are just charming though.

There are tons of footpaths to check out the area.

There are so more than 2 strange types of habitats to photograph there appreciate oak savanna, shrubland, wetland, woodland, open ponds & prairie. I have gotten some amazing shots since the weather in my area is undoubtedly diverse. I can get photographs of thick snow & ice & a few weeks later get blooming flowers & sunshine. There are quite a few critters that I have photographed too. There are nearly 100 bird species that have been reported in my area & I am making it my mission to photograph as more than 2 as possible. There are also adorable butterflies, graspurchasers, dragonflies & mammals appreciate coyotes for me to see as well. I am glad as a clam in my area. I get gorgeous photos, superb hiking & the area is safe & quiet; My partner & I have a nice little apartment surrounded by woods. The cold isn’t bad when you have relaxing heating too! All of us have heated flooring all throughout the apartment & it makes it nice. I can sip tepid cocoa while enjoying the snowfall & recognize totally comfortable in my home! Life has been good. In the summertime the heat isn’t so bad that I need to crank the air conditioning system. Just a gentle cool breeze occasionally does it.


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