Denver weather and cannabis

Some of our friends and I thought it would be fun to go to Denver for Christmas and the Wintertide holidays, i had a couple of afternoons away from labor and both of us made the plans a few months in advance, all of us gained a unbelievable prices on the plane tickets.

All of us flew from a small state on the East Coast all the way to Denver! Denver has some of the best skiing in the midwest, then there are a number of local Resorts that are only an hour or 2 from the sea.

My friends and I stayed in the neighborhood of Denver and both of us visited a couple of unusual ski resorts during our several day stay. My friends and I had a unbelievable time skiing, but both of us also enjoyed some of the fun activities that Denver has to offer. All of us went to a couple of local restaurants and both of us visited a bar and a dance club. All of us also went to a recreational cannabis shop. Denver is located in the state of CO, where recreational cannabis has been legal since the year 2012. There were several unusual recreational cannabis shops close to our hotel, then some of the places delivered, but our friends and I were actually eager to see the inside of a cannabis shop. All of us did not live in a place where cannabis was legal and this was our first time seeing a dispensary. All of us picked out some recreational cannabis supplies while both of us were there, however one item was a pre-rolled marijuana joint called Blue Dream. The Blue Dream sativa strain had 25% THC, and before both of us decided to go skiing at Keystone, our friends and I smoked the joint.

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