The Christmas lights looked actually cool around the city

I like living in the city, because you can walk almost everywhere, i live in an apartment building that is really close to the center of San Francisco.

I have access to everything in the city. Lots of sites are within walking distance, then when I leave the city, I usually take the bus or the Metro. I had some friends that came to visit Last week & they wanted to walk around downtown & look at the Christmas light. San Francisco was lit up with thoUSnds of twinkling lights for the holidays, however my friends & I visited The Wharf & all of us all got a bowl of clam chowder in a sourdough bread bowl. It’s a single of the most delicious treats that San Francisco has to offer. After all of us ate the clam chowder, I was feeling a little tired. I thought it might be fun to pop into a recreational & medical marijuana dispensary for a quick option me up. I asked the dispensary professional what kind of product would supply us some energy & she pointed me to a couple of sativa pre-rolled marijuana joints. My friends & I picked out a Blue Dream marijuana joint, however the dispensary even had a lounge in the back of the building, so our friends & I could smoke a marijuana joint there instead of on the street. After all of us were high, the Christmas lights looked actually cool. The lights had a glow that made them much brighter. The two of us spent a couple more hours by the wharf before heading back to our site for the night.

Cannabis Pick-up San Fransisco CA