The FL Aquarium has a great commercial air conditioner

Living in the Tampa Bay area of FL has afforded myself and others several chances to prefer the natural sea life here.

My family would drive us out to Clearwater Beach on pleasant weekend afternoons while our elementary school would take us on field trips to find sea sponges in Tarpon Springs or to the Marie Selby Botanical Gardens in Sarasota.

But I believe it’s the aquariums in west FL that I prefer the most. Down in Sarasota there is the famous Mote Marine Aquarium which is famous for its large dolphin facility. While I was a student at New College, I had friends in the marine biology program that were able to work at the aquarium while they were completing their undergraduate education. I enjoyed visiting the aquarium in Sarasota, even if most of the facility is outside and not weather conditions controlled. The most exciting aquarium trip for myself and others was visiting the FL Aquarium in Tampa for the first time after moving to the area following university. The aquarium is on the waterfront where the Ybor Channel spills into the Ybor Turning Basin. One of the best parts about the FL Aquarium is the strong indoor a/c while every one of us were in the tepid Summer season when hot and cold temperatures get above 100 degrees some afternoons. You can walk around and marvel at all of the gorgeous marine life in the panoramic glass tanks. There are sea turtles, sting rays, manatees, sharks, and so much more. If you need a locale to visit while staying in the Tampa Bay area, the FL Aquarium is a attractive destination.


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