The cannabis dispensary offers delivery!

Two of my co-workers and I went to a work training seminar in Denver.

While we were in Denver, we decided to check out some of the local spots.

We went to a bar that serves the best microbrewed beer in the whole state of Colorado. We went to a restaurant that serves seafood at exactly one mile above sea level. My co-workers and I had to attend five days of work training seminars. Most of them were boring and some of the information wasn’t new to any of us. On the second night of our training seminar, one of my co-workers suggested we order recreational cannabis supplies from a nearby dispensary. The guy went online and found a cannabis dispensary that offered free delivery directly to our hotel room. I was worried that we would get into trouble. I did not want someone to see the cannabis delivery driver bringing weed to our hotel room. My co-workers convinced me that I was being silly and nervous. We ordered $100 worth of cannabis supplies from the Denver dispensary. The dispensary was supposed to deliver our items at 9:30 p.m. They never arrived with our items and my coworker decided to call at 11:45. The shop was already closed. The dispensary never delivered our items to the hotel room. I took that as a sign that we were not supposed to have recreational marijuana while we were there for our work seminar. My co-workers took it as a sign that we needed to visit the dispensary in person.

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