We spent all day on the links

Afterwards we went inside and enjoyed the cool relief of air conditioning

Jack is my best friend in the whole world. I’ve known the guy for fifteen years. We worked together at the archery complex downtown for two years and then Jack got a job working at a medical and recreational marijuana dispensary in Phoenix. I joined him at the recreational and medical marijuana dispensary in Phoenix a couple of months later. Jack and I usually work the same schedule each week. Both of us have off Mondays and Tuesdays. We usually spend all day together when we have the day off. Last Tuesday we went to one of the nicest golf courses in Phoenix. We played 18 holes of golf and the weather was absolutely perfect. The weather in Phoenix is usually sunny and warm. It’s one of the best reasons to live in the city. Before Jack and I went downtown to the golf course, we smoked a blunt with super silver haze inside. We also dusted the weed with a cold bubble hash. We smoked the entire blunt and both of us were very high when we hit the driving range. We spent about 30 minutes hitting balls, and I barely hit anything past 200 yards. I had to wait for the high to mellow out before I could actually concentrate on my swing. I played the first half and ended up 7-over par. By the time I finished the last 18, I was feeling much better and finished the back half with a score of 5 under par. However, it was HOT. Afterwards we went inside and enjoyed the cool relief of air conditioning. There is really nothing like a quality air conditioning system after a long hot day in Phoenix.

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