The statewide tax on recreational cannabis products in Colorado is 15%

I’ll never forget how I felt when I heard that Colorado might surpass California in becoming the first state in the country to have legal recreational cannabis.

  • Amendment 64 was passed by voters in 2012 as well as led to the opening of retail recreational cannabis sales in December of 2014.

By the time I had settled in Denver, I already had a Colorado Medical Marijuana card from living in Boulder. I moved to Denver to be closer to my family members that live in Aurora. I’m the only one in my family that legitimately has a medical marijuana card, so I’m often being pestered by siblings as well as sisters to get them products from the dispensaries around Glendale as well as Englewood so they can avoid the 15% state tax. I try to tell them to get marijuana cards, but that costs a lot of money. Although the card itself is only $25 each year, you have to see a cannabis physician as well as the prices vary across the board. I got a easily good deal on a physician in the River North Art District who only charges $50 for checkups as well as recertifications. Other cannabis dentists in Denver charge upwards of $150 per visit. But I use a lot of marijuana throughout the week, between edibles like RSO, vapable products like flower buds as well as concentrates, as well as oil cartridges, I’m stopping at a Denver cannabis dispensary at least once a week. With a 15% tax on all statewide recreational cannabis sales, you can see why I’m ready as well as willing to pay for the medical marijuana card every year.

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