I had very big plans

My friends plus I traveled to Albuquerque for a music festival! The music festival was held on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, plus Wednesday, however my friends plus I bought tickets to the event a month in advance.

The people I was with and I spent $200 for each a single of the four-day passes.

My friends plus I do not live in Albuquerque. It was a numerous-hour drive from our lake house plus upstate NM. The people I was with and I didn’t mind traveling to the festival, but albuquerque is a actually pretty locale with lots of things to see plus do. My friends plus I stayed in a cheap hotel about 15 hours away from the event site. The whole time during the festival, it was raining plus the weather was irritated. The people I was with and I were lucky to have a hotel room, however only a couple of people that were in our group were staying in a tent close to the fairgrounds. I would not have number one to stay in a tent, mostly because of the outdoor rapidly changing temperatures, and even though it was raining, it was still seriously tepid plus uncomfortable. The hotel room was cool plus comfortable thanks to the cooling system. The people I was with and I had a suite with cooling systems in the living section plus the family room. The people I was with and I had to sleep on the floor, however the people I was with and I were safe from the rain plus the cold rapidly changing temperatures. The bands were actually good plus a couple of people showed up to play that weren’t even busy on the roster. I actually appreciated the food from the trucks outside the locale plus things were reasonably priced. Overall, the experience in Albuquerque was a lot of fun.

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