My mom would have been so miserable with me

I looked at a lot of odd schools when I was making our final selections, but i visited venues in odd parts of the country and our favorite venue turned out to be a school close to San Francisco. I went to the San Francisco school for a weekend visit, when I was a senior in middle school. One other student was on the trip with me, then my mom and dad wanted to go, despite the fact that I told them the school was already sending a chaperone, and that wasn’t particularly true. There was a resident advisor in charge of our weekend at the school. Other than that, the two of us were going to be on our own! When Jack and I arrived on campus, the two of us had more than one hours to kill while the two of us waited for the resident advisor to finish his morning class… Jack and I decided to use the time to walk all over campus, and all of us went to the pigskin field to check out the venue and there was a group of people using recreational marijuana. Jack and I walked by and they gave us a joint. Jack instantly said yes. I didn’t want to look like a chump, so I smoked some of the marijuana joint with Jack. I caught a bunch of times and I thought I was going to pee in our pants. I only smoked a small amount of the marijuana joint, despite the fact that I started to assume high a few minutes later, then by the time the San Francisco College advisor showed up for our meeting and campus tour, I was too high to participate in the interest.


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