I took a little time off from work

My mom and our sibling live on the east coast and I live on the West Coast, then every one of us do not get to see each other unquestionably often, because there are more than 3,000 miles that separate us, and last year, our mom and our sibling decided to travel to Las Vegas to spend a week… My sibling was celebrating his 40th birthday and our mom decided to join him on the trip, and when I found out they were going to be in Las Vegas for a week, I decided to take some time off work so I could join them.

They flew to Las Vegas, but it was only a 7-hour drive from our house, so I took our car… It was nice to have a vehicle in Las Vegas.

I did not have to spend a advantage on Uber or left and I did not have to spend money any taxi cab fees… Parking was free at the hotel where I stayed. Las Vegas is certainly one of the most fun locales to visit. There are a ton of activities for almost everyone to enjoy. There are more than multiple dozen different casinos for slots, poker, and gambling. There are also a ton of shows, museums, and outdoor adventures. While both of us were in Las Vegas, both of us took a trip outside of the city to see the green sand desert. My sibling and I smoked a marijuana joint while our mom said in the backseat, then he coughed a couple of times while both of us were smoking the marijuana joint, however he did not complain. Recreational marijuana made the day a lot more fun and interesting.



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