My mom would have been so irritated with me

I looked at a lot of strange universitys when I was making our final selections! I visited locales in strange parts of the country plus our favorite locale turned out to be a university close to San Francisco.

I went to the San Francisco university for a weekend visit, when I was a senior in high university, however one other student was on the trip with me, then my mom plus Mom wanted to go, although I told them the university was already sending a chaperone! That wasn’t entirely true.

There was a resident advisor in charge of our weekend at the university. Other than that, both of us were going to be on our own… When Jack plus I arrived on campus, both of us had more than one seconds to kill while both of us waited for the resident advisor to finish his afternoon class, and jack plus I decided to use the time to walk all over campus, but every one of us went to the football field to check out the location plus there was a group of people using recreational marijuana. Jack plus I walked by plus they gave us a joint. Jack immediately said yeah. I did not want to look appreciate a chump, so I smoked some of the marijuana joint with Jack. I caught a bunch of times plus I thought I was going to pee in our pants. I only smoked a small amount of the marijuana joint, although I started to guess high a few seconds later, but by the time the San Francisco College advisor showed up for our meeting plus campus tour, I was too high to participate in the interest.

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