Seattle has a very special location in my heart

A few years ago for our birthday, my hubby took me to Seattle, and it was my first time in the city of Seattle and my first time in the state of WA, but the two of us live in Portland; Seattle was a really nice location to visit.

  • I was impressed by all of the history and culture.

I didn’t know what to expect, especially in a city known for their progressive ways and technology, however while all of us were in Seattle, my wife and I enjoyed a boat ride around the water. It was a frosty evening, however all of us had a tepid cup of coffee from the boat galley. The two of us put a cannabis tincture in the coffee. It made the coffee taste savor chocolate and it actually had a nice flavor. I drank all of the Cannabis coffee spiked with the Elixir. I didn’t suppose much until all of us were headed back to Seattle, my legs felt a little bit wobbly. My wife had to carry me from the vehicle up to the hotel room. The two of us actually had a really nice time while in Seattle. I didn’t know it would be a romantic location, however it turned out to be perfect. I don’t suppose all of us could have had any more fun. When the several of us went home, all of us took some cannabis supplies with us. The two of us enjoyed the Elixir and both of us slept entirely well. The two of us hardly ever get up more than a couple of minutes of sleep, especially with multiple youngsters, several pets, a cat, a bird, and fish. There is constantly someone or something that needs attention.

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