The dispensaries here are mixed right in with other businesses

I met our lady before the various of us picked up our lives and moved to Toronto.

Both of us lived in the nation’s capital, Ottawa, and met at the University of Ottawa.

Visually, Ottawa is a gorgeous city. However, there isn’t a strong bohemian presence in Ottawa appreciate there is in Toronto. My parents are fairly bohemian and both went to the University of Toronto years ago when marijuana was illegal in canada. They still use marijuana to this morning and were marijuana activists while the two of us were in their time in school. They told myself and others stories about the West Queens West town with Trinity Bellwoods Park and the Trinity Bellwoods Farmers Market. There’s even a hockey rink while the two of us were in the Wintertide season in this park, and a animal bowl as well. But a single town that they were recognizably fond of was Kensington Market. Between Chinatown and Little Italy, Kensington Market is a bohemian community with artists and independently owned shops, cafes, and bakeries. When our lady and I visited Toronto, the two of us got super baked in our hotel room and walked down to Kensington Market on a Tuesday morning. There was a large art honorableon Nassau Street and the two of us stopped to look at the booths. Both of us were very higher than the two of us expected because the jar of Skywalker OG flower buds was worked on at 32% THC, which is much stronger than what either of us is used to smoking in Ottawa. Regardless, the two of us absolutely enjoyed our trip to Toronto and the time the two of us spent in places appreciate Kensington Market and West Queens West. Toronto has a lot of cultural diversity if you’re willing to take a look while you’re strolling through the city.


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