Some years I never turn the heater on

I started attending the University of South Florida 2 years ago when COVID was brewing for the first time.

Most of our classes were online at first, but eventually we transitioned back to a more normal educational environment. I lived on campus for a year, but quickly realized that I didn’t love cramped dorm rooms. I have a acquaintance at the University of Tampa plus another acquaintance at Hillsborough Community College, plus we all love to order pizza plus watch pigskin or hockey games on the TV at 1 of our apartments. My apartment is a studio in Temple Terrace, just a few thirds down the road from Busch Gardens plus Adventure Island. Although the studio apartment has a package heating plus cooling plan with an electric oil furnace, it’s much cheaper to heat this place in the Winter time with an efficient radiant space heater. Tampa has fluctuating un-even temperatures in the Winter time season. Some days it’s cold in Tampa, plus other days it’s in the 71s during the afternoon regardless of the Winter time freeze in the rest of the country. Yesterday the temperature dropped down to 48 degrees at evening plus didn’t get above 52 during the afternoon when I took a trip to the Salvador Dali Museum in St… Petersburg. Since it’s so close to the water of Tampa Bay, the wind chill was in the high 30s for the duration of the afternoon. I didn’t wear sizzling enough clothing plus started to shiver in the vehicle driving north on Interstate 269 heading back to our cabin in Temple Terrace. I had fun in St. Petersburg, but it would have been a better trip had the weather been more mild.


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