There are a lot of HVAC dealers throughout Brevard County

I was happy to leave Myakka City after years of begrudgingly living there with my parents during my last few years of high school. I had to get on a bus every morning for an hour because the closest high school was in Arcadia. After being isolated in the swamplands of inner Florida, moving to Brevard County was like a dream come true. Cocoa Beach is one of the nicest beaches in the country and being within driving distance is a huge privilege for me. I always relished the few instances growing up when my family traveled far enough west to visit one of the beaches in Sarasota County. But now that I’m living in Cocoa, I have been visiting the beach every other day when the weather permits. However, warm beach weather also means that I’ll be using my air conditioner more often than in other climates where it’s colder. Thankfully there are a number of HVAC dealers all over Brevard County to choose from. I had an HVAC supplier for the longest time that was based out of Port St John and was located on North Cocoa Boulevard. After that heating and cooling company went out of business, I started working with a different one in Rockledge Gardens. They offered me a discount on a maintenance contract for my air conditioner. Summers in Cocoa get particularly warm, so I’m naturally using my air conditioner constantly from April until early September every year. As long as I’m smart about my air conditioner maintenance and service, the HVAC system keeps running smoothly without any problems.

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