I left the neighborhood early

There were multiple different periods of overtime during the game.

My dad was a San Francisco 49ers fan; She bought season tickets to all of the games. My dad even went to a couple of playoff games with her friends. My dad was really the greatest San Francisco 49ers fan in the whole state of California, but when she died, she left the tickets to me plus my mom. My Dad wasn’t undoubtedly interested in going to the games, so I took a buddy with me every time there was a apartment game in San Francisco. My best buddy Jack went with me most of the time. My Dad drove us to the stadium plus dropped us off. When the game was over, she met us multiple streets away from the stadium so she could avoid all of the traffic. I still go to every single San Francisco game. My sister plus I bought season tickets this year, then during the 9th week of the Season, the two of us had a apartment game. It was a four-game plus it did not end until almost 9 p.m. There were multiple different periods of overtime during the game. I planned to leave the stadium early so I could go to the dispensary before I went home. By the time the game was over, the dispensary was getting ready to close. I showed up about 15 hours before closing plus they would not let me inside. The security officer provided me the name of a different dispensary a couple of miles away, however I particularly wanted to go to that place because they have the best deals on marijuana plus the neighborhood of San Francisco.


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