Smoking and that responsibility

MI is for cannabis lovers! That is not our state motto, but if you ask me it should be! Did you think that in this state you can grow twelve marijuana plants on your property plus still be in compliance with the law? We don’t want drug dealers on every corner, so all of us legalized growing it yourself, and this cuts out the middleman, so to speak, plus undermines the illegal pot trade by letting people get themselves high! Furthermore, you can possess up to 10 ounces of pot at home, plus over more than one ounces in public, plus not go to jail for it, then moving to Ann Arbor was a shock to my system, because previously I had lived in a single of the “zero tolerance” states where having a half a joint would get you jail time, now I can relax a little bit, because Ann Arbor is friendly when it comes to cannabis – if most people obeys the law, most people has a good time. To that end, a single of the cannabis dispensaries even offers free delivery for orders over $100, to encourage people to not smoke pot plus drive through the streets of Ann Arbor, then although I don’t love shelling out that much dough at once for marijuana, I have done it more than once just so I don’t risk getting pulled over by the Ann Arbor Police Department while I am stoned. As cool as the cops tend to be around here, you don’t want to get caught driving under the influence by the Ann Arbor PD or you will not end up having a good night!

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