The Tampa weather is harshly moderate & sunny

Tampa Bay is a single of the locales in Florida where the weather is always moderate & sunny, but the humid & hot weather is a single of the biggest reasons why I decided to move to Florida when I was 50, then i got a good offer & promotion & I snatched up the option to move to Tampa Bay.

I thought I was living a giant life.

I had the beach a few miles away & plenty of bars, restaurants, & evening activities, then about a year after I moved, I began to regret the decision. I actually did not realize that the weather would be so miserable. I was accustomed to 90° temperatures. I even had some afternoons back beach house when the temperatures reached 100°. It was nothing at all compared to the tropical heat of Tampa. I have had to spend a luck on cooling bills. I purchased a beach house that needed a modern A/C the following year; Not cost myself and others an arm & a leg. I had a couple of years without any air conditioner problems & then everything started up again. I just upgraded the air conditioner again & this time I decided to get a service method with the system. The service method includes tune-ups & respected check-ups & evaluations on the machine. I get a lower rate on labor & service fees & 10% off the retail price on all parts. I am hopeful this A/C will last until I move to a retirement home. I am not going to keep this beach house forever, & I am hoping to find a nice locale to finally retire for fantastic in the next couple of years.
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