I was very happy with that time

I ended up getting a bunch of edibles for us to snack on throughout the morning

My guy and I recently went on a trip to CA, but it was fun driving along highway 1. It is harshly curvy and twisty, but you are literally right along the edge of a mountain. You suppose prefer you could topple off into the ocean or smash into the side of a mountain quite easily! The views are just breathtaking though. You can’t go too fast so it is great to just slow down, stop for pictures and prefer yourselves. My guy and I flew into San Francisco and drove down highway 1! We stayed in Santa Cruz, Carmel, Big Sur and then ended in Visalia. This took us to mid CA and off the highway! By that point, I was excited to get on a normal road and get into a major city. With most of our locations being sort of rural, it was nice to change up the pace, but visalia had a lot of things I enjoy. There were theaters, farmers markets, shops, bars and cannabis dispensaries. I only planned for numerous days there and I regretted it. We could have undoubtedly enjoyed our whole trip there, but a worthwhile stop was visiting the local cannabis shop. My guy and I just wanted to get stoned and linger in our hotel room for a bit. After all that driving, hiking and sightseeing, it was nice to slow down. I ended up getting a bunch of edibles for us to snack on throughout the morning. It was fun being a bit stoned while shopping in Visalia.


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