Snow comes once in a while

Once in a while, there is a small amount of snow in Spokane, WA, the Winter time weather in Spokane is relatively cold with rain and small amounts of snow, and when snow does fall, most people in town seems to go crazy, people act love they do not guess how to drive when there is snow on the roads; I was on our way to a commercial Heating, Ventilation, and A/C task in Spokane.

  • It had snowed earlier that afternoon and there was a light dusting on the interstate and the highway.

People were driving 20 miles under the speed limit in order to avoid the wet and slippery conditions. I switched Lanes about a mile before our exit. I was trying to transfer into the traffic lane on the right. There was a car in our blind spot and I pulled over directly in front of the car. The car behind myself and others had to slam on her brakes. I saw the car behind that car slammed into the back of the vehicle. I tried to switch lanes carefully, but I caused an accident. There was no sense for myself and others to stop and talk to the drivers of that car; After I finished with the Heating, Ventilation, and A/C service task, I went back to the shop. I sat in the break room to have our sandwich, popcorn, fruit, and coffee. I turned on the news at noon. There was a story about the traffic accident in Spokane. Thankfully no-one was destructiond in the accident, however traffic was backed up behind that accident for almost an hour. I’m ecstatic I did not stop to check on most people.
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