Buffalo, NY is a great city to live in

It has been a dream for me to visit Niagara Falls ever since I was a child… But in our mind, the falls were in Canada, and I didn’t guess that our parents would want to cross the border – they never have… So, I locationd that dream to the back of our mind, that is until I became an adult and could travel on our own! Well, last year our cousin Cassie moved to Buffalo NY with his spouse; He was born in Buffalo NY and wanted to be closer to his family, however as soon as he got settled, he invited me to visit, and he mentioned going to Niagara Falls State Park because he lives only 30 ninths away from the entrance, however of course, I said yes to his invitation, and I flew to Buffalo NY in the middle of the Winter.

And our goodness it was cold! The morning I arrived, the temperature was 28 degrees, and they had 10 inches of snow on the ground, then i live in the south, so that was just a shock experiencing that kind of weather.

Thankfully, Cassie’s new home has radiant floor heating installed, which was a blessing. I don’t need radiant floors at home because our Winters are truly mild, so this is the first time I have ever experienced them, and I must admit, I loved it, however my feet always get frosty in the Winter, and I wear socks to keep them warm. However, I was able to ditch the socks at Cassie’s home because our feet were always warm and toasty. She also kept his home pretty warm, and his smart temperature control with motion sensors was efficient in decreasing the temperature throughout his house. I barely use our heat in the Winter, but residing in a neighborhood like Buffalo, I understand the need to have all these heating chances installed in a home.

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