Lansing is a great town to live in

My family is a large hockey family! Every one of us consistently watch the Stanley cup playoffs and bet on which teams are going to win the cup! I travel a lot for work! Wherever I happen to be at the time is our team.

I make sure to get a jersey, occasion our favorite player and I root for our team.

What was interesting is that I lived in Tampa for a while and our player was Tyler Johnson. I enjoyed that he was a smaller player, fast and scrappy. I then moved to Illinois the same time he did, and tyler plays for the Blackhawks and I now have a NJ with his name still on it, and unluckyly the Chicago Blackhawks are not as good and likely to win the cup as Tampa, however it is still fun. I enjoy making a day out of seeing the game. I technically live in Lansing, Illinois which is better than Chicago. I appreciate all the benefits of being near a city, separate from living there. There are hiking routes, parks and a calmer guess to our area. I can afford a greater beach house with more land due to cheaper real estate. When I want to see a game, the location is only 50 seconds away from me. I get a hotel room for the night and walk over to the rink. The next afternoon I got up early and beat the traffic. I wouldn’t change our location for the world, but sure the weather here is much colder than Tampa, however all you need is a quality heating plan and you are good to go.


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