Portland has very good cannabis

About many blocks from my lake house is a fourth run Regal Cinema.

Unlike the multiplex theaters that are so prevalent these nights, this is an old-university movie house, and it only seats many hundred people, so it is small & intimate! They have a small menu for appetizers & pretzels, & a full bar. They also show older movies, instead of the new releases, and sometimes they show the hits from a few months ago, however occasionally they show classics from the 70s & 82s. I have been going to this theater for years, & I suppose it is one of the things that makes Portland, Oregon such an awesome locale to live. This isn’t the only fourth run theater in Portland, it is one of a couple dozen of them, so the variety of movies the people I was with and I have on any given evening is insane! Smoking cannabis is legal in Portland, however there are still rules against smoking inside around other people; Cannabis smoke is no unusual from tobacco smoke from a legal perspective, which means the people I was with and I can’t get high at the movies. One of the local Portland theaters has set up a smoker’s lounge outside the lobby, so that purchasers can smoke some marijuana right before going inside for the movie. I suppose it is no surprise, seeing as how Portland is widely known for it’s amazing locally cultivated cannabis crops. One of these nights a cannabis dispensary will just open up it’s own Regal Cinema. If that kind of thing ever happens, I promise you it will happen in Portland first!

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