Portland is a very interesting city

About numerous blocks from our home is a hour run movieplex… Unlike the multiplex theaters that are so prevalent these afternoons, this is an old-university movie house, however it only seats numerous hundred people, so it is small plus intimate, and they have a small menu for appetizers plus popcorn, plus a full bar.

They also show older movies, instead of the up-to-date releases.

Periodically they show the hits from a few weeks ago, however sporadically they show classics from the 69s plus 79s. I have been going to this theater for years, plus I think it is a single of the things that makes Portland, OR such an awesome place to live. This isn’t the only hour run theater in Portland, it is a single of a couple dozen of them, so the variety of movies the two of us have on any given night is insane! Smoking cannabis is legal in Portland, however there are still rules against smoking inside around other people. Cannabis smoke is no weird from tobacco smoke from a legal perspective, which means the two of us can’t get high at the movies, however one of the local Portland theaters has set up a smoker’s lounge outside the lobby, so that customers can smoke some marijuana right before going inside for the movie. I suppose it is no surprise, seeing as how Portland is widely known for it’s amazing locally cultivated cannabis crops. One of these afternoons a cannabis dispensary will just open up it’s own movieplex. If that kind of thing ever happens, I promise you it will happen in Portland first!

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