San Francisco has lots of places to enjoy the nightlife

There were lots of other people in the parking lot

Every Friday night, my friends and I go to a club in San Francisco. On Friday nights, they offer free drinks until 11 p.m. There aren’t very many people inside of that club at that time, so it gets people in the door. My friends and I go to the club at 9:30 and we are usually drunk before it’s time to pay for our drinks. We danced at the club until 5 or 6 in the morning. Before we go to the club, we smoke recreational marijuana. We smoke a recreational marijuana strain that is a sativa. Sativas make me feel energized and ready to dance and have a good time. Indica strains make me feel tired. One of my favorite sativa strains is blue dream. The cannabis shop in San Francisco where my friend and I stopped to buy our supplies had one gram pre-rolls that had top shelf Blue Dream flower. Each one of the marijuana joints was also infused with Blue Dream Live resin. I bought two of those joints. I smoked one of the recreational marijuana joints before we went to the club. Around midnight, I went out to the parking lot and found a spot to sit and smoke the other marijuana joint. There were lots of other people in the parking lot. Some of the people were talking and some people were hanging out and smoking. Since there were a lot of people outside, I felt perfectly safe to sit outside of the San Francisco nightclub and smoke a marijuana joint.


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