The tincture helped with aches and pains for months

About three years ago, I went to a doctor so I could be certified to use medical marijuana.

Medical marijuana has been proven to help with a variety of medical problems including muscle spasms, aches and pains, and mental health issues. The doctor was more than happy to give me a prescription for medical marijuana. It was easy to obtain the prescription, because recreational and medical marijuana are 100% legal in the state of Colorado and the city of Denver. The prices on medical marijuana are lower than many other states across the country. One of the first products I tried after getting my medical marijuana card, was a tincture. The tincture had CBD and THC. I took 25 mg of the tincture in the morning before work. I took another 25 mg of the tincture at the end of the day when work was over. After using the tincture for a week, I was blown away by the results. I had more energy overall during the day and a lot less aches and pains in my knees and joints. I am a firm believer that medical marijuana works wonders. Since I’ve been using marijuana daily, I have felt much more healthy and alive. It has been 3 years and I still use the CBD and marijuana tincture everyday. I’ve added a marijuana joint in the evening, but I still get the same wonderful results from the tincture that I did three years ago. I’m feeling very lucky to live in Denver, Colorado where recreational and medical cannabis are legal.
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