Summer and cannabis in Seattle

During the summer time that I turned 21, I found myself working at the Seattle Aquatic Center in town, however i went to work every day at 6 a.m.

as well as I did not get home until after the sun was starting to go down.

I did not have a identifiably taxing job. I was a lifeguard at the pool as well as it was my responsibility to make sure that none of the children drowned… Periodically I helped out with the junior swim classes, and after a month of sitting outside in the heat, I was ready for a different job, and my skin was twenty shades darker as well as I had immense sunburns marks on my shoulders as well as knees, but one of my friends told myself and others about a job option at a Seattle dispensary; The Seattle dispensary was hiring, but you had to be 21 years old. My friend wasn’t old enough yet, but my birthday had been the previous week. I got the information from my friend as well as I contacted the dispensary in Seattle to see if they were still hiring. The manager got on the iphone as well as asked if I could come to the building for an interview on the same day. I could not get out of work until 5 p.m., but the Seattle marijuana dispensary manager waited for myself and others to arrive. She started the interview as soon as I walked through the door. The people I was with and I talked for 15 or 20 minutes as well as then she gave myself and others a job working inside of the dispensary. I did not even have to take a drug test, because you do not have to worry about marijuana when you work in a dispensary.

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