After Christmas, all of the tree items were on sale

The marijuana dispensary on the west side of town had a huge promotion during the Christmas season.

They had a tree in the lobby with a variety of ornaments hanging from the branches.

Each one of the items was something special. The items were $20 each, but you didn’t know what you were going to get. I never took one of the boxes, because I was afraid I would get something like Edibles that I would not be able to use. After the holidays were over, the Denver dispensary offered all of the leftover boxes at a huge discount. When the boxes were discounted, I decided to pick 3 items out of the case. The first box had a half gram jar of cannabis distillate. The Cannabis distillate was an Indica strain that I knew very well. The second box from the Denver dispensary contained a gram of top-shelf infused flower. That was probably the best item out of the three boxes. The infused marijuana goes for a whopping $30 each gram. The third box contains a battery for a vape pen. The pods for that particular battery are much more expensive than I would prefer to pay, so I gave that item to one of my friends. I kept all of the other products that I got from the Denver marijuana dispensary. I hope they have the same sale next year. I will wait until after the season sale and stock up on clearance products. I don’t mind having last season’s products at all as long as they are still within the sell-by date.

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