Some of the HOAs in Tarzana are against home cultivation of cannabis

Although the HOA rules in Tarzana are detailed for a host of different reasons, living in south Florida was arguably more agonizing when it came to dealing with neighbors and community organizations.

Some of the people who would join these associations would get petty over trivial issues, while others would willingly try to scam and defraud the residents.

I got in trouble over a constantly changing rule regarding the types of flowers we were permitted to have in view from the road. My friend who lives in a different HOA down the road was baffled when he looked at our charter rules one afternoon while we were enjoying a joint on my back porch. The neighborhoods on the south end of Tarzana start to climb into the foothills of the Santa Monica mountains, making it a highly desirable location that is visually similar to the Hollywood Hills but quieter and more serene for those who live here. I wish I could grow my own cannabis plants in my backyard here in Tarzana, but my HOA forbids it. California law states that anyone over the age of 21 is allowed to have up to six mature cannabis plants on their property, but that doesn’t protect you from rules implemented by a homeowner’s association or condo association. I could always grow my cannabis plants without telling anyone, but I could get in trouble if one of my neighbors sees my cannabis plants and rats me out to the homeowner’s association. It’s wonderful living in Tarzana, but I wish my HOA wasn’t so strict about every little rule. I want to have my right to grow a few cannabis plants as guaranteed by California state law.

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