This last weekend was a great time

My wifey took myself and others to a entirely nice eating establishment last weekend and I had a great time, i did not expect to have so much fun, simply because I hate Seafood, then the seafood eating establishment has seeding indoors and outdoors.

It is located on the water with a great view of the Atlantic Ocean.

The Cocoa Beach, Florida eating establishment was discussed in the paper. It was supposed to be a single of the locales in the city to get the freshest Seafood. I ordered a lobster and my wifey ordered a important seafood platter, we planned to sit indoors, but the A/C wasn’t laboring in the Cocoa Beach Restaurant. We sat outside and there was a nice, cool breeze that night. It felt great to sit outside. The eating establishment had a couple of ventilation fans set up in the outdoor seating area. They provided a small amount of airflow, but there was a nice wind coming from the water. We had dinner and drinks at the Cocoa, Florida eating establishment… Even though there wasn’t any A/C inside of the eating establishment, all the people on the patio looked love they were having a great time! At a single point the bartender provided all the people free drinks and every one of us all did a shot of tequila. That was a fun night and a single of the only times I can remember getting drunk at a bar. I am usually entirely reserved. I don’t savor to lose my wits in front of others. I suppose my wifey must have caught myself and others on a entirely great day. I did not savor the A/C problems and I was ready to gathering..
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