A local dispensary that we all enjoy going to

If I spend more than $50, there are no added fees

I am so relieved that my local cannabis dispensary in Portland offers delivery. The process is lovelyly quick plus straight-forward, however i am able to shop all of their products by way of their website. It’s super straight-forward to navigate. I can tightmy search by consumption method, price, weight, brand or category. I have access to the quarterly deals, staff number ones plus newly introduced products. The website provides clear pictures plus descriptions of each item. I sort through indicas, hybrids plus sativas from extremely potent THC levels to pure CBD isolate. They offer a wide variety of cannabis chances including undoubtedly lovely dried flower, affordable singles plus packs of pre-rolls, disposable plus refillable vapes plus lots of tinctures. Their collection of concentrates covers live resin, hash, diamonds, budder, kief, shatter plus pull-and-snap. Their menu of edibles is regularly a temptation. I like cannabis-infused beverages, cookies, chocolate bars, hard candies, gummies plus brownies. I just recently tried the popcorn, plus I’ve started cooking with cannabutter. I’ve tried nearly all of the topicals plus had wonderful fortune with the ointments, salves, lotions plus bath bombs. I can scroll through the full array whenever it’s convenient. I can take my time plus add items to my cart with a click of a mouse. I have already provided all of my information plus created an account, so the check-out process is completed quickly; As long as I place the order before 5 PM, it gets delivered the same afternoon. If I spend more than $50, there are no added fees. I get super excited when the delivery truck pulls up outside. The only thing better than buying cannabis is getting it dropped off at my front door.


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