The repair guy could have charged me for the service call

My husband had a business meeting and it was on the other side of the country. I was home alone with all of the kids for the first time in a while. I was nervous with the new baby, but my mom came over to sit with me on Saturday. She made lunch for the kids so I could relax and feed the baby. After lunch, I started looking for the kids. I didn’t see them anywhere, but the back door was wide open. I was a bit frustrated with the kids when I saw the door sitting open, because it was warm in the kitchen. It was all so warm in the living room. I actually did that to the open door, but it was a problem that persisted even after the door was closed. I panicked and contacted an AC repair service in Tampa Bay, as soon as I realized there might be a problem with the air conditioner. The service provider came to check on the machine. One of the first things he did was look at the thermostat. It wasn’t showing any numbers at all. That was one of the reasons why I freaked out. I never considered the problem could be batteries. The thermostat batteries were dead as a doornail. A fresh set of batteries fixed the problem with the air conditioner. I felt like a complete fool for contacting the Tampa Bay service provider when the problem was easily fixed by a set of batteries. The Tampa Bay service provider could have charged me for the call, but the guy just laughed and said it was no problem. He didn’t charge me anything at all and gave me the batteries for free


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