When the power went out, I was worried about the live resin concentrate

Sometimes there are Fierce storms that plagued the Albuquerque area. These storms don’t last a long time, but they can certainly dump a lot of rain. They also have thunder and lightning. Lightning strikes occur frequently in Albuquerque. My home has been struck by lightning 3 times. I have a power inverter and a generator just in case we lose power. The medical and recreational marijuana dispensary where I work, does not have a generator or any backup power. Last week there was severe weather and the power was knocked out. After 30 minutes, the power had not returned and I began to worry about the live resin concentrate we had in the refrigerator. Live resin concentrates have to stay cool at a certain temperature. I monitored their refrigerator closely to make sure that the temperatures did not get too warm. The power was finally restored about two hours later. We did not have any customers inside of the building while the power was out. We all sat in the break room with our phones. I played games on my phone for an hour and then I got up to walk around the Albuquerque cannabis shop. My legs were starting to ache from sitting in one place. After I got up to walk around, the power returned shortly and the storm seemed to blow out just as quickly as it started. The temperature in the refrigerator only dropped by 2 degrees during the storm and resulting power failure, so we didn’t have to get rid of any of the live resin concentrate.



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