I prefer buying cannabis in Ann Arbor versus my hometown of Jackson

I ultimately went to college at UofM in Ann Arbor, but my parents raised my siblings and I in Jackson County.

Our first home was in Michigan Center, which was just a small hamlet at the time. Although south central Michigan has some of the prettiest natural scenery, I was bored like any other kid of that age. Many of my friends lived miles away from my house because the homes in my neighborhood were spread out and separated by woodlands. Much of my early childhood and later adolescence was spent in those woods. When I was a little kid it was a place to explore and find new adventures. Once I was 18, the woods became a place where my friends and I would go to party. We all went to Ackerson Lake School which was just south of Michigan Center proper, as many of us lived in the areas in between. By the time I got the Ann Arbor for college, I had driven many of the roads in Jackson County and Washtenaw County multitudes of times. These days I’m more interested in finding amazing cannabis products rather than wandering through the woods while half drunk on beer. Jackson has plenty of cannabis dispensaries around the city limits, but Ann Arbor is a better place to find marijuana in my honest opinion. There’s an amazing place on State St. near the intersection of Stadium Blvd. and they have the best cannabis concentrates that I’ve had yet. The live rosin is so tasty and you can get grams out the door for $55 after paying the recreational cannabis taxes.
Weed Dispensary Ann Arbor Michigan