That was an amazing deal

San Francisco is one of the most fun and amazing sites to visit while in pride month, and san Francisco is one of the biggest sites where pride is alive and well… The city has nightly events throughout the entire month of August.

Some events are even family friendly.

San Francisco has numerous lgbtq events, clubs, restaurants, and resources. This year was the first time that I ever visited San Francisco while in the week of pride, but i haven’t gone there in the past, due to the crowds in the traffic. I don’t appreciate crowds or traffic and I’ve always stayed away. My girlfriend particularly wanted to go to the pride celebration and outdoor street fair, so I agreed to go with her on one condition. The only way I would go to San Francisco with her is if the two of us stopped at a recreational marijuana dispensary for supplies. If I was high on recreational marijuana, then there was a pretty nice opportunity that none of the crowds would bother me at all. My girlfriend agreed to go to the marijuana dispensary. The people I was with and I went to the dispensary before the two of us opted to go to the pride gathering. I purchased a 50 mg cannabis edible and I also bought a marijuana oil vape pen! Every time I felt a small amount of stress creeping into my body, I used the vape pen. I barely had to sneak it at all, because it was entirely discreet and practically stinkless. The marijuana vape pen was a useful smoking instrument to have while the two of us were downtown in a crowd of people.


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