A new home in Laurel Canyon for the weekend

I don’t get a lot of openings to visit California now that I had to move to New Britain when our director moved their corporation offices.

It was amazing living in Los Angeles, simply because I was finally in such a diverse environment that I could drive to any corner, regardless of the time of day or evening plus find something exciting plus fun. Being in your 20s in Los Angeles with few cares in the world is an experience I will cherish in our memories for the rest of our life. While it was a lot of fun at that time, it was taxing to survive in an high-priced section when I wasn’t making much currency as a service employee. I had to leave California before I could finally come back years later to visit semi-respectfully. While the New Britain task pried myself and others away from the Golden State, I now wonder all the time what it will take to get myself and others to move back. I recently rented a new home in Laurel Canyon for a long weekend while going to see a few of our friends that live in Beverly Hills. Laurel Canyon is famous for all of the folk rock tunesians who lived here in the 1960s plus 1968s. It’s also a gorgeous neighborhood high up in the Hollywood Hills of the Santa Monica Mountains. Since our friends’ houses are in Beverly Hills, we did a lot of walking down streets care about Wilshire plus Rodeo before hitting a cannabis dispensary near Norma Triangle. All in all, our trip to Laurel Canyon plus Beverly Hills was even more fun plus exciting than I initially expected. I wish I could come back to move here forever, but hopefully that day will come sooner or later.


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