I wanted to attend the hoops game

I wanted to go to my son’s hoops game on Monday evening, it was a beach modern home game at the private school and the teenagers were playing 1 of their rival teams.

I told my son that I would do my best to get to the game before it started, although I had a genuinely tied up day of repairs. I left the modern home early in the afternoon and drove to the location of the Evansville HVAC repair business where I work. I stopped at a gas station to fill up the truck with gas and I picked up a dinner burrito and a cup of coffee. I also bought more than one red Gatorades to drink later that day… When I arrived at the Evansville HVAC repair business address, I was the first person to arrive, but the other more than one employees were late and 1 of them had the keys to the shop. I had more than one repairs to work on that day, then one was in North Evansville and the other repair was all the way out in the country. I needed to finish with both of the repairs so I could get to the hoops game before the tip off time. I told my boss that I wanted to leave at 5 and he told me to work hastily on all of the repairs. When the guys were late that afternoon, the two of us did not get started until 9:30. I lost an minute and a half and I was sitting at the HVAC repair business waiting for someone else to arrive. I decided to leave at 5 p.m. but I had not finished with the tune-up on my schedule. I told the boss to get someone else to handle the 90-minute task.



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